The Institute™ is a trademark of Nextier Capital Limited.  It is the Nextier subsidiary focused on providing innovative capacity building solutions for individuals and organisations that wish to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Our programs are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We use a combination of individual study, class work, case studies, and practical exercises to deliver our programs to ensure the individuals are able to implement the acquired skills upon return to their organisations.

With the ever-changing business environment, the quest to overcome the threat of fierce competition and stay relevant is a constant challenge and strain on most businesses.  Public sector organisations –though not necessarily driven by profit considerations– are beginning to feel the pressure in many ways.  Public and private enterprises must plan, master and apply the right tools that deliver expected results (mandate) and make significant contributions to their growth and success.

All our facilitators are at the cutting edge of thought leadership in business management.  They have top-quality education in strategy and business management from leading business schools; have worked for leading consulting or professional services firms, and have practical, hands-on experience building top performance organisations.  We understand business.  We understand Nigeria.

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