At Nextier we are committed to providing specialized advisory services and pragmatic solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.  We understand that in order to continue winning, we must continue to exceed clients’ expectations.

Our client base include:


Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER)

FOSTER is a DFID-funded initiative to improve transparency and accountability in the Nigeria oil and gas sector.  Nextier has received funding from this organisation in our work on the Petroleum Industry Bill. Nextier is one of the leading firms working with different stakeholders to understand the intricacies of the bill and ensure that the version that is eventually passed by Nigeria’s National Assembly is in the best interest of the country.

Central Bank of Nigeria

Despite several interventions by different Governments in Nigeria policies aimed at providing funds for the SME sector had been continuously derailed. More recently, the Government had made specific policies for the SME sector but the issue of risk and loan defaults remains recurring. Thus, Nextier researched into the system of SME financing; uncovered the constraints to SME financing in Nigeria and highlighted key elements of a successful SME financing models. Guided  by these key elements, a workable framework was proposed. The report of this research has been accepted by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the implementation process is in progress.


Strategy Consulting

Power Sector Investors

Nextier advised a group of Canadian-based investors interested in the Nigeria electricity power sector.  The company is already active in three African countries.

Teragro Nigeria Limited

Teragro Nigeria Limited is the first of its kind juice concentrate plant in Nigeria with state-of-the art equipment for orange, mango and pineapple concentrates.  Nextier principals were involved in developing the feasibility study and business plan, government negotiations, and convincing the board of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc to invest in the plant.

BRACED Commission

BRACED Commission –the umbrella development agency in the South-South region of Nigeria- is focused on strengthening the regional economy through cooperation and economic integration of the six partnering states. Nextier has continued to work with the leadership of the Commission in its efforts to develop regional strategies for agribusiness and mass transit.

Kaduna State Government

The government of Kaduna State desires to provide sustainable waste management at an optimal cost. Through funding support from Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility, Nextier is working with the government to deploy a strategy that provides world class waste management for the state, reduces the government’s cost of providing the services to zero, and generates revenue for the state.


Policy Analysis, Design & Implementation

Ministry of Finance

Nextier conducted a technical review of the YouWin! Program and made recommendations for improvements to the program design and implementation.  The recommendations were presented to the Senior Adviser of the Honourable Minister of Finance.  The Honourable Minister is the initiator of the programme.

Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation

Nextier participated in a project that conducted an assessment of the political outlook for Nigeria.  The project team recommended three strategic political options.  The client adopted one of the options and it resulted in the establishment of the Justice Belgore-led Constitution Review Committee.

House of Representatives

Nextier provided technical assistance to principal officers of the 7th House of Representatives in Nigeria’s National Assembly to aid comprehensive understanding of the provisions of the Petroleum Industry Bill to ensure the passage of a bill that is in the best interest of Nigerians.  Some of our direct clients include Committee leaders, Senior Legislative Aides and Clerks of the Committees directly involved in the debates around the Petroleum Industry Bill.

Presidential Task Force on Power

The Presidential Task Force on Power (PTFP) was set up by His Excellency, President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to bring improvement and predictability in electricity availability to Nigerian homes and businesses while promoting medium-term to long-term sustainable growth of the Nigerian electricity supply industry.  Nextier principals coordinated the activities to develop the initial Action Plan on Power and the subsequent Roadmap for Power Sector Reform.  Between 2010 and 2011, Nextier principals provided technical support to the PTFP secretariat on all policy matters.

Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P)

Technical Programme Review:  Nextier conducted a detailed technical review of Nigeria’s “Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Program” and made recommendations on how the framework should be modified to improve the probability for success.

Technical and Vocational Education Training:  Nextier assisted in the development of the programme implementation framework for the SURE-P (TVET) programme.  The programme aims to make investments to develop vocational and technical education in Nigeria with a goal to reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria.  This investment will support the longer-term goal of bridging the vocational skills gap in order to meet the growing demands of the economy.

Maternal and Child Healthcare:  Nextier developed the Advocacy Framework for the SURE-P MCH programme.  The goal of the programme is to reduce maternal, new-born and under-five morbidity and mortality rates and firmly place Nigeria on track to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by expanding access to an integrated health service package.


Strategic Communication

Federal Road Safety Corps

Federal Road Safety Corps is the lead agency for Road Traffic Management in Nigeria. FRSC was established in 1988 with a core mandate to reduce Road Traffic Crashes. The Corps continued to operate business as usual until the entry of a new COMACE who came in from an entirely different organization. In a bid to chronicle the initiatives he introduced, as a guide on how to effectively reform and manage a public sector agency, Nextier was contacted to take up the task. This was based on the consideration of the enormity of research, data analysis and intellectual approach needed to undertake the task.


Measurement & Evaluation

Nigerian Senate

Nextier provided technical assistance to the Senate Committee on Power and developed an M&E framework for the Committee’s oversight role in the on-going privatisation of the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry.

Niger Delta Expert Working Group

The group, which was constituted by the Office of the Special Adviser to the President (Technical Matters), developed a macro-framework for the Federal government to engage the development challenges in the Niger Delta including an institutional development and financing framework.  The intervention framework detailed the different policy, program, and process initiatives that are required to develop the region.  The financing framework outlined the guiding principles, sources, and modalities for funding the development interventions especially with regards to achieving transparency and accountability.


Nextier was engaged by Incas Consulting (with funding from USAID) to conduct a mid-term evaluation of the USAID-funded Early Warning and Response Design Support (EWARDS) program for West Africa.  The Nextier team assessed the adequacy of the program management and implementation structure to deliver the project goals.  The team assessed the programme’s alignment with international best practices.  Special emphasis was placed on project management approach, systems, coordination, and financing arrangements.


Financial Advisory

Enugu State Government

Nextier is part of a consortium advising the government of Enugu State on the privatisation of government-owned assets.

Ministry of Niger Delta Affair

Nextier led a UNDP-funded project team to develop a “Trust Fund” mechanism for funding and managing the social and infrastructure development of the Niger Delta region.  As part of the project, Nextier conducted an assessment of the institutional capacity of the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and developed options on how to improve the deficiencies.

Enugu Lifestyle & Golf City

This is arguably the most-exciting real estate development in Nigeria today.  Set on 1,100 hectares, the new city is a seamless combination of residential, commercial and industrial layouts. The residential layout is built around an 18-hole golf course.  Nextier worked with the developers, Private Estates International, to raise the financing for the project.

National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion

The mission of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is to rapidly accelerate Nigeria’s technology development. This is being done by efficiently assimilating foreign technology and by developing the indigenous technology capacity and capability to proactively acquire and commercialize technologies to innovate and satisfy the local industry. Progress on this mission has been slow due to lack of funds. NOTAP management engaged the services of Nextier to create strategies to increase its Internally Generated Revenue by improving its institutional capacity (people, process and technology).


Capacity Building

Central Bank of Nigeria

Through our subsidiary, The InstituteTM, we have provided a series of capacity development programmes for senior leaders in the bank on Strategic Planning for Business PerformanceStrategic Decision Modelling, and Risk Management.

Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation

Nextier (through The Institute TM – its capacity building subsidiary) has worked very closely with the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) to dimension their training needs and provide appropriate solutions. Nextier facilitated a Records Management training course for various cadres of staff in the OSGF.




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