Sustained Impact.  One live at a time.

Nextier believes that when the welfare of all members of the society is assured, rancour is significantly minimized.  We believe that the best strategy is through enterprise, however, many members of society have fallen below the level where they can help themselves.  Significant investments are required to elevate them to a level where they can engage in productive enterprise to sustain themselves.

Nextier is committed to investing a percentage of its profit in social projects in education, healthcare and micro-enterprise.


Nextier Capital Limited works in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Nigeria.  In education, our goal is to provide the less privileged with access to the best educational resources to equip them for the efforts to exit the clutches of poverty.  Some of our core activities include:

  • Equipping underfunded libraries with resources and tools
  • Funding training programs for teachers in remote areas
  • Establishing internship programs for students and teachers


Nextier Capital Limited works in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Nigeria.  We have a two-fold goal in healthcare:

  1. Immediate relief:  Although this may not be a sustainable solution, it is important to relieve some of the pain while we seek a more sustainable solution;
  2. Long term solution:  We intend to work with different parties to seek sustainable solutions to grassroots, primary healthcare delivery.


Nextier understands the nexus between artistic expressions and national development.  We are committed to the development and advancement of contemporary Nigerian art.  We desire to promote art as a means of improving the dialogue towards national development. We believe that art allows us to engage a rarely used side in us and express ourselves in unique ways.  We wish to promote art appreciation among the contemporary generation.

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