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Our service offerings are based on our core competencies in research, benchmarking, modelling, analysis and strategy development to assist our clients in determining the most optimal approach to their goal. Our clients rely on our services in the following areas:

  • Policy analysis, design and implementation
  • Strategy consulting
  • Financial advisory
  • Performance Management

  • Policy Analysis, Design and Implementation
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Financial Advisory
  • Research

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. Albert Einstein

As with many developing nations, the development challenges faced by Nigeria requires a re-thinking of some of the myths and assumptions that have dominated policy discussions.  Nextier brings a fact-based approach to policy analysis and design.

Identification of policy objectives:  We work with our clients to articulate the policy objectives seeking to understand the causal chain that explains the status quo.

Selection of policy instruments:  We present a set of alternative policy instruments through research of professional and academic opinions, expert opinion polls, and benchmarking the experiences of other countries.

Design Policy Implementation:  With the design of the policy implementation, we bring together different parties that can partner to deliver the desired results.  We advise on the process for legitimising the policy, institutional design, required resources and results management.

Conduct Policy Monitoring and Evaluation:  On Monitoring, we assist our client in collecting data, providing indicators of the progress on the use of inputs and achievement of outputs.  On Evaluation, we assess the effects and impacts of the policy design and implementation.  Where necessary, we make suggestions to improve the policy design and delivery.

What business are you in? What are the critical success factors: current and future?  What should you focus on to ensure sustained success?  These are some of the critical questions facing senior executives in both the public and private sector.

Nextier works with these senior executives to develop, identify and capture the opportunities for corporate growth and success.  We bring insight (based on verifiable facts) to develop blueprints to achieve the optimal goals.

We bring thoroughness and discipline to our study of market trends and key drivers of success to align your organization to achieve measurable long-term value.  Sustained impact.

Whatever the goal may be (economic development or shareholder value), Nextier brings industry knowledge and expertise to channel your efforts on the right actionable plans.  At Nextier, we provide the evidence-based analysis to guide your informed decisions.

Nextier principals have extensive expertise in finance.  Coupled with our understanding of Nigeria and our industry verticals, we leverage our global network of investors to provide the best financial advise to our clients.

We provide advise on the best financing strategies to help our clients (in both the public and private sector) achieve the results and impacts they desire.

With our understanding of Nigeria, and the deep professional relationships we have, we work closely with corporations and entrepreneurs interested in exploring opportunities in the country.

We work closely with our clients to prepare their businesses to access investment capital either from local or international sources.  We are partial to investments that deliver social development especially in under-served markets.

We understand frontier markets.  Our principals have worked in some of the most difficult countries around the world.  We provide this expertise to our clients interested in exploring opportunities in such markets.

Nigeria has the promise of becoming one of the largest economies in the 21st century.  However, it is difficult to analyse this potential because of the paucity of data.  Most corporations have difficulty navigating Nigeria for the same reasons.

Nextier helps its clients address this challenge.  We leverage our deep understanding of the country, strong competencies in research, expert competencies, and access to professionals in our target industries (agriculture, power and petroleum).  We leverage these relationships to access data and knowledge in our chosen industries.

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